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Mature content
The streets Part 2 (Swapfell x Reader) :iconcindercade:CinderCade 1 1
The Streets (Swapfell x Reader)
You and your sister ran through the street. You were currently running from a tall flaming man. You dogged a big branch and ducked into an ally way. Nearing your hiding spot you slid catching yourself and your sister and disappeared from sight. The pink flaming male rushed passed you right as you slipped a hand over the little ones mouth.
Waiting a few moments you gave out a sigh of relief. Then slowly let your sister go sitting her in front of you making her further in the hole than you. You then pulled out the mouth watering pastry you had snagged.
"Here Lillie you can have it." She gladly took it her ears perking up. You see Lillie is actually a young neko you found as you were going through some dumpsters. You not knowing what to do wound up finding for her and yourself. You were snapped out of your thoughts when the little neko held out half the pastry to you.
"(Y/N)... food..." She said in her broken speaking. Pushing it back toward her you smiled.
"No Lillie I will find somethin
:iconcindercade:CinderCade 1 3
Mature content
2P versions of Jasper and Cinder's world Part 2 :iconcindercade:CinderCade 0 0
Mature content
2P versions of Jasper and Cinder's world :iconcindercade:CinderCade 0 0
Me and Frodo by CinderCade Me and Frodo :iconcindercade:CinderCade 0 1 Frodo and Puppy by CinderCade Frodo and Puppy :iconcindercade:CinderCade 1 0 At Summit Lake by CinderCade At Summit Lake :iconcindercade:CinderCade 0 0 Fancy pink collar by CinderCade Fancy pink collar :iconcindercade:CinderCade 2 1 My weird puggle by CinderCade My weird puggle :iconcindercade:CinderCade 0 2 Bed time for frodo by CinderCade Bed time for frodo :iconcindercade:CinderCade 1 3 Doll Ida by CinderCade Doll Ida :iconcindercade:CinderCade 0 0 Lucinda, Ida, and Ludovica by CinderCade Lucinda, Ida, and Ludovica :iconcindercade:CinderCade 1 0
Lucinda, Ida, Ludovica Bios and picture
(Black In This Particular Thing I Am Doing Is Order And White Is Chaos. )
Lucinda Ace Cade:
Age: Around seven hundred years old
Race: Phase shifter but is also know as the angel of Order.
Looks: (Normal) Blonde hair, Blue eyes, 7 ft 2", 156 pounds
      (Angel) Black hair, Black eyes, Black wings
Bio:She was created as an experiment by her mother Ace Lucinda Cade. Lucinda grew up isolated from the world so she created her a friend with her imagination, but her friend soon became her other half, Ludovica. Lucinda had once read in her moms diary "In order to have Order you must have Chaos." With the words her mother wrote she realized that she was the experiment her mom was talking of. Ludovica was bond to happen. Ever since the two have fought over the body they reside in, That is until the battle of Chaos and Order where they both have to make a stand and fight to gain either Chaos to Reign over the earth or Order.
Ida Ink Cade: She is actually Cinderblaze's kid in
:iconcindercade:CinderCade 1 0
Mature content
Battle Of Chaos And Order Part 2 :iconcindercade:CinderCade 0 0
Mature content
Battle Of Chaos And Order :iconcindercade:CinderCade 0 0
Jasper's turn to babysit
When Jasper awoke for work Nicholas stopped by and told him someone else was taking his shift so he had the day off. I on the other hand was called and told I had an extra shift meaning that Cindy would not be able to watch Cale. Sigh… Jasper is going to be pissed because now he will have to watch Cale… I will just leave him my number if he needs anything. “Jasper you are going to have to watch Cale while I’m at work. Cindy has things she needs to do.” I said while grabbing my coat from the bedroom.
“What!? why?” Jasper asked in a whiney tone.
“Because no one else can do so.” I replied while getting my keys.
“What about grandpoppy? He is always free.”
“Jasper I am not leaving Cale with my Psychotic grandfather. Just please watch him.”
“The hell I’m going to be left alone with that brat! He’s YOUR problem!” Jasper folded his arms and turned his nose to the air in defiance.
:iconcindercade:CinderCade 0 0


meet the pigtailed artist by momofluff meet the pigtailed artist :iconmomofluff:momofluff 9 2 slurps spilled pepsi float by momofluff slurps spilled pepsi float :iconmomofluff:momofluff 13 0
Sans x Reader:A hundred puns Chapter 1
(Im going to try and keep this Gender Neutral.)
Your POV
You sauntered down the street, earbuds playing your favorite song and a happy smile on your face.You passed by several people, all of them giving you a happy smile and a wave.
Your workplace was only a five minute walk away from your apartment, so you made it there fairly quickly.You unlocked the door, flicking on the lights of "Espresso Yourself!"You mentally cringed at the pun, setting your bag and jacket down and slipping on your black apron and hat that was shaped like a coffee cup.
You walked over to the door, turning on the neon 'open' sign before walking back behind the counter.You turned on the machines, starting to brew a couple fresh pots for the morning.
You grabbed the small blackboard that rested by the register, erasing yesterdays message (You look Brew-tiful today!) and writing down the newest announcement."Now serving Golden Flower tea!"
Soon enough, the slow trickle of customers sta
:iconcallmemurmur:CallMeMurMur 11 1
Soholmsgaard Kentucky by vadalein Soholmsgaard Kentucky :iconvadalein:vadalein 1,202 108
Fallen Down (Undertale X Male!Reader) Pt. 1
Frisk's POV
Last run, I met an old man named Ultimul, who asked if I needed a soul. I asked him why he would go around asking such a thing, because you'd think that nobody would need one. Then I thought of Asriel...who needed a soul... He asked me if I believed in monsters, to which I responded with an obvious no, or else the already crazy old man would think i'm even crazier than him. The old man saw through my lie and...somehow. It was a stupid question, but I asked him how many he had. he told me had had as many as I needed, and handed me two. I walked away, and waved goodbye to Ultimul. I reset, and was ready to bring Asriel.
    We did it. We crossed the barrier. The stars, though blinding at first, were beautiful. As if they shined brighter tonight, just for us. After we stargazed for some time and had pleasant conversations, we headed down the mountain. Since it was night, there wasn't many people on the street, and the dark
:icongangstermatoi:GangsterMatoi 27 136
Inspiration| Inktale!Sans x Reader
"Ahhhh.. fuck this shit-!"
"Jeez, kid, watch the language!"
"S-Sorry, Ink," you muttered, putting your hands down on your desk, staring back at the blank page in your sketchbook. 
Lately you've been struggling to find inspiration. For art class you had to draw something, anything at all, using the knowledge you've learned throughout the year, but for some reason-out of all the things you could think about drawing-you mind just goes blank.
'I know people get Writer's Block..but is there such a thing as Drawer's Block?'
"Hey [y/n], you okay? You've been sitting there for the past 20 minutes and I don't see a single line on that paper. You're not drawing a blank are you?"
"Hahah, very funny, Ink," you said, turning in your chair to look at Ink, who magically appeared in your bedroom. "But yeah, I am quite literally drawing a blank."
The skeleton shot you a look as though you offended his great ancestors. "That's horrible!" He cried. "But don't worry, kiddo,
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 388 121
Ocean Crystal - Illustrations by JoyDreamerART Ocean Crystal - Illustrations :iconjoydreamerart:JoyDreamerART 28 13
2D x Murdoc Chapter 3
    Murdoc grabbed 2-D by the shirt and pushed him against the wall. He pressed his nose against 2-D's nose "are you 'iding something from the band?" He growled. "I guess you could say that...," he took his chance and pressed his lips to Murdoc's. Murdoc didn't pull away, which is what Stu expected him to do, but he pulled him closer and hugged him. Stu felt Murdoc grip tightly on the back of his shirt.
    "I-I'm sorry for, ehh... makin' your life a... well, a livin' 'ell, mate" Stu avoided any possibly awkward eye contact and only melted into Murdoc's warm embrace. He closed his eyes and imagined nothing but Murdoc and himself. An odd couple that couldn't possibly work, right? Well, at least, that's what Stu thought.
    Murdoc ran his boney fingers through 2D's hair until he realized how stupid and weak he must have looked, but it didn't stop him. He sat on 2D's bed with him in his lap. Murdoc would normally avoid all real romantic contact with anyone,
:iconxmaxine10x:xMaxine10x 4 0
Britt Found The 4th Wall XD by xXFluffyPachirisuXx Britt Found The 4th Wall XD :iconxxfluffypachirisuxx:xXFluffyPachirisuXx 6 2 8. Costumes by xXFluffyPachirisuXx 8. Costumes :iconxxfluffypachirisuxx:xXFluffyPachirisuXx 5 2
Christmas Eve: Nordics x Child!Reader
“B-Berwald?” a small child’s voice rang.
Berwald lifted his head from his pillow and looked at the clock. It read 11:56 pm. He gave a silent sigh and looked at the little child named (Name). “What is it?” he asked quietly.
“I can’t sleep,” she said, climbing into his bed.
“It’s Christmas (Name),” he said, “You have to go to sleep if you want Santa to come.”
She pouted, “but I can’t!”
He sighed and pulled her into his chest, her head on his pectoral. “Can you tell me a story?” she asked.
He sighed again. “Fine.”
“'Twas the night before Christmas,” he began, “when all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.”
(Name) yawned and closed her eyes. “The stockings were hu-“
“DECK THE HALLS WITH BOWS OF HOLLY!! FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!!!!!!!!!” Mathis yelled as he ran into Berwald’s room.
:iconpandaday12:pandaday12 126 65
Composizione4422bis by claudio51 Composizione4422bis :iconclaudio51:claudio51 88 27 Happy Birthday, dear Helen! by claudio51 Happy Birthday, dear Helen! :iconclaudio51:claudio51 79 35 daily:cubchoo by miinti daily:cubchoo :iconmiinti:miinti 356 8 daily:dragonair by miinti daily:dragonair :iconmiinti:miinti 406 21 daily:banette by miinti daily:banette :iconmiinti:miinti 334 17


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Drama llama's beware for you cause Le drama with my friends and family you will regret it cause I come from a long line of bada** Females who are not afraid to get back at anyone who angers us. Also would you mess with a mama bares cub. No? Well think about that next time you mess with someone cause Likely they got a mama bear who won't be afraid to stand up for them and to my friends and family I am that mama bear!


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